October 2, 2015

We Had An Awesome Time In New Hampshire Last Weekend

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Victory Weekend at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway Fan Zone was an amazing time touching people where they live. Team members Joe and John spent three busy, meaningful days talking with families about serious life issues such as suicide, depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and traumatic brain injury.

When a mom asked John about the number 22 on his shirt, he explained that it represents the average number of daily suicides among veterans. He wears the shirt to bring attention to that devastating statistic. She broke into tears and told John that just two days before, the State Police had to intervene to take her son to a hospital because he was suicidal. Her words really hit home because that is why we honor military personnel, first responders, and veterans. Recognizing and affirming these brave men and women helps restore a sense of wellbeing to their lives.

The #79 Victory Weekend show car may have been the most photographed car at the track. Joe and John spent many hours helping eager fans in and out of the car. Overall, they interacted with at least 12,000 fans, depleted their cache of giveaway books, and honored 36 people for their sacrificial service.  We honor them because what they have done for our country is so valuable.

Our time in New Hampshire was a very successful friend-building event, and we look forward to more and more involvement with this unique track.

Look who stopped by.

Look who stopped by.