November 16, 2017

Steve’s Veterans Day Celebrations

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Last weekend, we stopped to take time to honor and thank some of the bravest men and women among us on Veterans Day.

On Friday, Steve had the privilege of visiting the Liberty Ridge Retirement Home in Lynchburg, Virginia. During his memorable time there, Steve was delighted to present 25 military veterans with Victory Weekend ceremonial medals. Of the 25 individuals who were honored, four were WWII veterans. A very special and inspirational moment occurred as “The Star-Spangled Banner” began to play, and as most people do, they stood in solidarity and respect for the flag and the countless number of people who gave of themselves to protect and defend the honor that the American flag symbolizes. One of the veterans who served in WWII is 94 years old and confined to a wheelchair. As his national anthem began to play, he refused to be bound by that wheelchair any longer. Using every ounce of strength in his body, he lifted himself, with the assistance of Steve, to proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with his fellow veterans. It was certainly a moment that everyone should see!

On Sunday, Steve was welcomed to honor veterans at New Beginnings Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia during both of their morning worship services. In total, 10 veterans were presented medals and celebrated for their selfless acts of courage.

Honoring our veterans and expressing our heartfelt gratitude for their service is a staple of the Victory Weekend ministry. While it is great that we have a day set aside to focus on our veterans, this ministry strives to keep our veterans and active military personnel on the forefront of our minds and prayers.

May the Lord keep and bless those who defend our country.