September 24, 2018

Rise 2018 Report

Posted By Jessica Taylor

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As the fall season is before us and the temperatures are becoming very pleasant, is there a better way to spend a day than listening to great music outside with awesome people? The Victory Weekend team had an amazing time at Rise ’18 in Elverson, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Morgantown Community Church organized and hosted this 3-day event for their community and they did a marvelous job! Victory Weekend was asked to participate on the final day of this event, a 10-hour day of great concerts! The community of Elverson was treated to some of the best music possible. During this event, Steve Wingfield was asked to serve as MC for the day. In addition, Steve had the privilege of honoring 10 veterans, active military personnel, and first responders with medals for their unwavering devotion and love for their country and fellow man. The crowd erupted in applause for these selfless heroes. All could feel the gratitude and appreciation for their efforts. Those who were honored were filled with pride and the understanding that they are loved and appreciated. It was a fantastic event for this awesome community. We were proud to be a small part in the event and we hope we can continue to be involved in the future!