Lodestar Guidance

Engage and empower your employees and family members
with the inspiring principles found at Lodestar!

 Empowering Leaders. Developing Character. Enhancing Culture. Lodestar Guidance is a comprehensive leadership program that transforms organizations. Structured as a series of 48 character principles, Lodestar equips people with the tools needed to inspire positive change and enhance any organization’s culture.

 This program motivates employees to:

  • Study and discuss character principles to identify for needed growth
  • Reflect on and assess their character strength
  • Apply principles at work and home
  • Lead others in developing their character
  • Lodestar Core Values: Leadership, Faith, Character, and Culture

What you get:

  • Principle video lessons teaching guides
  • Principle bulletins with faith inserts
  • Teaching guides
  • Online guided reflections, assessments, and tracking

For more information about Lodestar Guidance, contact Luke Weaver at (800) 729-2239 or luke@victoryweekend.com.  You can access the Lodestar Guidance website by clicking here.

Already a Lodestar Guidance member?  As a way of saying thank you, we are offering Winning the Race Every Day by Steve Wingfield for a discounted rate of $10.  To purchase your copy now, click here!