July 8, 2016

Michigan Update

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The Juniper Hills Campground in Brooklyn, Michigan is an enjoyable spot for the Victory Weekend team to visit. In fact, our group commented on how respectful the crowd was during the entire event. Way to go, Michigan!

The added bonus was that the weather was beautiful as large crowds gathered on Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11. Charee White and newcomers Jess Zimmerman and Kathryn Dean brought such excitement and enthusiasm with their individual styles and unique voices for the audience to enjoy.

Vernon Zook gave the inspirational message on Saturday night which resulted in at least 32 people responding by asking for more information and resources.  The team honored 40 military personnel, first responders, and veterans for their sacrificial service. We enjoyed another excellent opportunity to share great news to all!

Michigan fans have always been respectful and responsive, and this year’s gathering exceeded those expectations.  We will be back there again August 26-28 and we are really looking forward to that meeting. Before then, the team will be visiting Watkins Glen in New York between August 4-7, so we will definitely stay busy next month!