August 31, 2016

Michigan Report

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What truly makes a Michigan Victory Weekend at Juniper Hills so special? The fabulous fans, the fun feelings all over the campgrounds, the tremendous support from the camp management, and the great tradition Victory Weekend is building at this location.

We just conducted a winning weekend for everyone who attended on August 26 and 27. Over 9,500 enthusiastic and appreciative fans crowded into the field in front of our Victory Weekend stage to enjoy the epic concerts from Jess Zimmerman, Audra McLaughlin, and Charee White. The ladies treated the Friday and Saturday night fans to some fantastic “as-good-as-it-gets” performances.

One standout moment was the awarding of a free Fender Stratocaster guitar to a young man who was thrilled beyond description. We were also grateful to have the help of several reliable volunteers who eased the workload on our team and enjoyed themselves at the same time.

On Saturday night, Vernon Zook spoke to all present. Even in today’s chaotic world, peace and trust exists. The Victory Weekend team also honored 30 veterans, military personnel, and first responders with the Victory Weekend’s usual and appreciated moving tribute for their service and dedication to protecting this great nation of ours.

Another aspect found in Michigan is the Victory Weekend’s team being approachable towards the needs of the people present. We are truly excited about returning to the Juniper Hills Campgrounds in June 2017.

Michigan August 2016DSC_9860

Photos courtesy of Alyx Barszowski and Bill Reed