August 16, 2016

Michigan Promo

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We absolutely love going to Juniper Hills Campground in Michigan to put on Victory Weekend events for the great fans that come to see us!


Your Victory Weekend team is hoping that June’s attendance of 7,500 will be blown away August 26 and 27.  Fans will be treated to multiple FREE concerts from Charee White, Audra McLaughlin, and Jess Zimmerman and her band. The #79 Victory Weekend Show Car is always a major attraction for everyone’s enjoyment.

Steve will be sharing this weekend and our moving tribute to the men and women who have served as veterans, are now serving in the military or as first responders is always memorable and meaningful.

You are personally invited for a great time, beginning on Friday August 26, at the Juniper Hills Campground, just down the road from the Speedway. We look forward to seeing you there!


Photos courtesy of Alyx Barszowski