May 11, 2018

Dover was on FIRE!

Posted By Jessica Taylor

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Victory Weekend returned home from Dover, Delaware and the Lot 10 Campground last weekend. As is “par for the course,” the race fans at the Monster Mile were ready for a great time and brought a ton of energy with them.

Despite the Friday night concerts being shortened due to a rain and windstorm, it did not damper our wonderful fans from having a great time. They returned on Saturday night and brought friends. The Victory Weekend stage was booming with the music of Southern Edge and Jess Zimmerman Band, performing in front of one of the largest crowds we have seen at any of our events.

On Saturday night, fans were treated to great music, a dazzling fireworks show and participated in a very emotional ceremony honoring 36 veterans, active military personnel, and first responders. Throughout the entire Victory Weekend, numerous people were making their way to our team and thanking us as well as sharing stories of appreciation for the work that Victory Weekend is doing.

One story really resonated with us. A young boy named Leland was lifted onto the stage. Leland joined Jess Zimmerman and danced as she sang. After the song, the crowd erupted in applause.

Leland’s smile could have lit up the entire stage. After the show concluded, a woman approached us in tears. This woman was Leland’s grandmother; all she could do is thank us. She shared with us Leland’s heartbreaking story of being abandoned by his parents just a few months earlier. This moment when he was dancing on the stage was the happiest she has seen her grandson in a very long time. This is truly what Victory Weekend is about, bringing people from all walks of life and circumstances together – offering hope for a brighter and better tomorrow!

Dover – thank you and we will see you in the fall!