August 21, 2019

Bristol Recap

Posted By Jessica Taylor

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We were back in Bristol, baby! The Victory Weekend team had an amazing time returning to a track and place we love, Bristol, Tennessee! Our venue has changed, but the energy and atmosphere definitely has not. We had the pleasure of being next to Bristol Motor Speedway at Gentry’s Parking and Camping for two fabulous nights of concerts. In total, we saw 1,200 eager and enthusiastic race fans at our new home.

During the Friday night concert, people from other campsites began to fill Gentry’s as they could hear the awesome music performed by the Jess Zimmerman Band. Jess and the boys filled the entire area with upbeat country and classic rock hits; making those in attendance sing along and dance long into the night. Guitarist Joe Barzowski led an impactful moment of tribute, honoring seven veterans and first responders. The large crowd of people erupted in applause and adoration for these heroes, and they deserved all of it. Following this emotional time, Joe prayed over these selfless patriots and their families.

The entire Victory Weekend team was happy to be back in Bristol. The atmosphere, excitement, and energy are top notch! Plans are in the works for Bristol 2020. It was an awesome time for one simple reason, “Because it’s Bristol, baby!”