A Message from Steve

Welcome to our new website! This new Victory Weekend website is just one of the reasons why I am more excited than ever about what God is doing with this ministry. He continues to open doors for us to walk through to present His Good News to the men, women, and young people who come to various race weekends around the country. Every race we attend, the Spirit of God seems to bring more and more people to our Victory Weekend mobile stage to enjoy the music, exhibitions of strength, and the driver testimonies.

I continually hear about movements in virtually every part of the world where people are coming to Christ by the thousands. In some countries, people are risking their very lives to meet secretly and worship their Lord and Savior, much like the first-century church. Evangelistic ministries of all sizes are finding new and innovative ways to reach people at sports stadiums, festival settings, and with fast-moving social media. It is a whole new world of evangelism and it is a thrill to be a part of it!

I thank you for associating with what we are doing and hope that you are finding other ways to represent God in your everyday activities. Remember, in some cases, you may be the only one representing Jesus to the people you come in contact with. Honor Him by demonstrating His goodness.