April 18, 2020

The Gift of Helping Others

Posted By Jessica Taylor

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Next time you catch yourself absorbed in you-know-who, stop and think about what you can do for someone around you. Remember your freedom in Christ and spend it on others.

John Fischer

Have any free time today? Is there an hour or two when you will have the freedom to choose what you’ll do? Why don’t you choose to bless somebody?

I was traveling one day and noticed an elderly African-American lady sitting on the bus that took us from one terminal to another. I just thought she looked like she needed some help, and I wanted to be the person who offered it to her.

It turned out she did need help. She had not traveled in a long time, and she was confused. I took the time to help her off the bus and to get her to her gate. I had about an hour layover myself, so I was not rushed and I could give her this assistance.

I cannot tell you the joy that brought me, and I believe it brought joy to her, too. She thanked me and said I was an angel. I don’t profess to be that, but I do believe God used me in that situation.

Here’s my point: I chose to help her. I could have walked by. Everybody else on the bus ignored her and went their various ways. But because I chose to do what I did, God used me to bless both of us.

Do you have the gift of helping others? Do it with all the strength and energy that God supplies. Then everything you do will bring glory to God through Jesus Christ (1 Peter 4:11, NLT).

Today, find someone to spend your freedom on. And do it with all the strength and energy God gives you.

Pit Stop Point to Ponder

Jesus said that He came to serve and give His life for others. He set you free from all the things that held you prisoner so that you could give yourself fully to His mission on this earth—serving others in love and showing the way to God.